Rage of Destiny

Rage of Destiny is a large-scale magical role-playing mobile game. The rules of survival of all things have been redefined. It is easy to place and operate. It recruits a large number of heroes for you to play randomly and experience more dungeon battles.

The stars disappeared from the skies. All that remained was darkness.

The line between life and death blurred as millions plunged into an abyss of misery.

Where was the order? Where was the law? What happened to the gods’ teachings? Where were his children?

The Father of the Gods desperately tried to summon his children, but the only answer was the repeating prophecy:

Every ten thousand years, the world will fall into disorder. Heaven and earth will flip, and the stars will vanish. All will perish and turn into dust. Everything comes full circle, and the old gods will fall from their reign.

It wasn’t the gods giving up on humanity. It was the world giving up on the gods.

It was a destined calamity… The crisis of the gods.

Rage of Destiny Game Features

Western-fantasy world with stunning visuals and audio

Heroes with distinct personalities, spectacular maps and graphics, and immersive battles! Experience the most HD sword and sorcery world on your mobile device!

Idle and Relaxing

Busy with work and other activities? Earn EXP and rewards by being AFK! Enjoy the thrill of leveling up!

Tap and Battle

Change your formation, switch your positions, strategize, and turn the tide in battles!

Great Selection of Heroes

Collect unique Heroes, and explore various skills and strategies! Team up Heroes as you like, and form your favorite squad!

Random Surprises

Random buildings, random items, random events… Sandbox gameplay with random elements to bring you a different experience every time you play the dungeon!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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