Comix Breaker

Comix Breaker is an adventure RPG mobile game with many element combinations. The game can perform countless skill combinations, expand your potential operations, collect various cards, and let you build the strongest lineup against the enemy.

Comix Breaker Game Introduction

Find endless unique combinations to expand your potential!

Countless trials and challenges await the comic book

Comix Breaker Game Features:

-COMIX BREAKER is a deck-like game optimized for mobile platforms

Defeat various monsters with unique styles in the comics

-No time to be bored

New comics are constantly updated,

Monsters will evolve into your hair

-Find your unique combination of cards and snacks

Discover combinations that help you improve

Make the cards stronger or delete those you don’t need to complete your deck!

-Collect various equipment and improve it

The monster will fall under your feet!

Use device card!

Each device has a unique card.

Add them to enhance your deck and maximize synergy!

-Clear competition mode faster than anyone else!

Many rewards await you in the competitive mode

Competitive mode has a time limit of 20 minutes and provides asynchronous matching through real player data

-The season system brings you endless fun!

Each season will bring new exclusive equipment, new competition modes, new chapters and new monsters

Play competitive mode to get exclusive rewards for the season!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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