Kingdom of Arcadia

Kingdom of Arcadia is an arcade-style horizontal version of the game. You can start an adventure in the magical underground castle to help Sam get home safely. You will encounter various monsters and hidden weapon traps along the way. You must be careful and improve. Be vigilant against changing circumstances. There are so many levels in the game. Each level is very creative, with its own innovation, and full of freshness.

Kingdom of Arcadia Game Introduction

Kingdom of Arcadia is a retro-style platform action game with high-quality pixel art style. Fast-paced operation, well-designed challenging levels, fusion of many RPG elements, collection of gameplay and achievement system, BOSS challenge, NPC system, rich and diverse challenge gameplay.

Kingdom of Arcadia Game Features

–Each level has multiple tasks to be performed

–In this retro pixelated game, Sam will encounter various enemies

–Huge bosses and other obstacles

–Fortunately, he can upgrade and buy new equipment from the store to help with the arduous adventure that is coming.

Kingdom of Arcadia Game Highlights

-High-quality pixel art style, retro style.

-The level design is meticulously structured, and it is very experience. There are 81 levels!

-Integrate many RPG elements, collect gameplay, weapon enhancement, achievement system.

-20+ weapons, 20+ equipment, 30+ accessories, with different special abilities.

-BOSS challenge, NPC system, rich and diverse challenge gameplay.

-Collect souvenirs to decorate your personalized home.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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