Magnum Quest

Magnum Quest is a Western magical MMO mobile game. The game has created numerous dungeon adventure modes, combined with roguelike elements, and led your team to start a magical adventure.

Magnum Quest Game Introduction

The imaginative IDLE RPG. Become a wise and powerful master and bring you unparalleled and wonderful adventures. Easy to play, fun to win!

Start a great adventure in this visually stunning 3D RPG strategy game and have fun with players from all over the world.

Magnum Quest Game Features

Outstanding 3D Graphics

Exquisite 3D scenes, detailed character models and super cool special effects. Freeze in the BOSSES storm, touch the flames of the dungeon dragon, and experience an immersive visual feast.

Summon Legendary Heroes

Collect legendary heroes from six factions: Fortress, Forest, Wilderness, Shadow, Divine Land and Abyss. Master the faction attributes and countermeasures, and form the most powerful team of 5 to rule the continent of Armuda!

Form Strategic Skills

Shield, taunt, water ech, freeze, knockback, stun… each hero has unique skills. Strategy and skills will enable you to win unexpected victories, use wisdom, and you will never get bored with this game.

Explore the imaginary world

The continent of Armuda is an imaginative world. Lead your heroes to fight in fantasy forests and endless deserts, explore mysterious ruins and frozen snowfields.

Unlock different stages

Adventure storyline, hero trial, dungeon conquest, Roguelike battle, raid on enemies, Arenas, guild leader and rich gameplay. Everyone is waiting for you to unlock and experience!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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