Figment is a very interesting adventure mobile game. Gamers can see the unique game world map scene, and use musical instrument elements to create the game map scene. Players can click on the instrument in the game to make a sound, control your character to move forward, and feel the instrument In the world, there are many different enemies in the game. Collect necessary information and supplies in this valley, and get clues by using props.

Figment Gameplay

-Pick up the small sapling in the flowerpot, go down the stairs to the roof and go right and follow the stairs down to the bottom right corner of the town. Plant the small sapling you just picked in the dirt pit at the bottom right corner of the screen, and pass through the small sapling. The road formed by the saplings reaches the upper floor, and then reaches a place where a big fan leads the plague attack to the handle covered by small flowers. After the handle is exposed, the plague will leave. Turn the handle to blow away the plague behind and return to the upper house door. Knock on the door and go back

-Get the second soul shard (the event will only be triggered when the plague leaves) and go back

-Keep going, turn the handle to blow away the plague in front of you, you need a red battery to go to the bottom right and there is a dog inside. The red puppy will spit out the plague and move around the dog and easily avoid it. Come down and get a green battery and A red battery, put the red battery, turn the handle to blow away the plague, after going up there are two red puppies, after the elimination, put the green battery, turn the handle of the blue wind tower, blow away the plague in front, pay attention to avoid falling from the sky Teeth, use the sword to cut the handle on the tree to get the handle back

-The handle is installed on the green wind tower handle seat. Rotate the handle to blow away the plague on the left. If there is a house knocking on the door, a good guy or a brother will appear randomly. The door on the left represents the brother, the door on the right represents the good guy, and the brother knocks on the left. At the door, a good guy appears and knocks on the door on the right until all the windows are lit up. After the windows are lit up, there will be a soul fragment. Go forward and get a red battery. Then go back to the place where you just held the handle and put the red battery on it. Blow open the plague in front of you and continue forward. The event will be triggered in front. The plague will attack you from above. Every few times you throw it, there will be a plague bottle that will not explode. Faced with the plague, if you cut the bottle with a sword, the bottle will be chopped back to attack the plague. After the plague escaped, go up and take the rope. After coming down, walk down the red bridge to the lower right. Take the fishing rod away and put the rope with the hook on it. When the bug is retracted, put the rope down and wait for the bug’s head to come out. Hook it out. After the bug is hooked out, the Apple hot air balloon will fly over, stand on the hot air balloon and go to the next level

Figment Game Features

Unprecedented innovative gameplay, sophisticated and diverse puzzles!

Experience a unique and unique surreal fantasy world!

The perfect combination of music, plot and exploration, a journey full of emotions!

Simple and easy-to-use operation, fingertip touch, magical somatosensory to get started instantly.

High-definition and delicate game scenes, feel the visual and physical and mental enjoyment experience.

Diversified gameplay, more puzzle levels waiting for you to crack.

Brainstorming gameplay, highly free diy system to create your dream country.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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