Unchosen: Forsaken

VR horror rouge-like game where the player will need escape a purgatorial environment by completing a set of objectives and finding useful tools and equipment while avoiding and out-smarting hostile monsters and traps.

Unchosen: Forsaken Game Background

You awaken and find yourself in a strange yet familiar environment. It’s your work office, it must be, but everything has changed. The place seems to look exactly how you left it, but silence flows through the halls. The door out of your office is barracked, a lantern and flashlight is left on the table, and a set of instructions has been franticly scribbled on the white board. “Find the elevator key”, ah the elevator has a tendency to shut down if the power flickers and only the key can turn it back on. We should really invest in stairs… Perhaps the key is in my bosses office, or the meeting room, maybe someone left it in the bathroom again. There should be a few on this floor to prevent something like this. “Turn on the electricity in the basement”. The back-up generator should be running but if the power flickers, then it requires a manual reset. We always send the new guy to reset the switch, they always say it is a horrifying experience. Wonder what’s taking them so long… “Lea ve the building”. The front door are supposed to shut down when power is lost, but sometimes they freeze up and wont move until power is reestablished. Maintenance said there is nothing they can door without replacing the doors. Really makes you reconsider your place of employment.

You grab a flashlight and open the door. The halls are dark. The clocks read 11 am, but no sunlight shines from the windows and most of the lights are off. An unrecognizable whimper echoes from down the hall. A figure shuffles towards you . Mutated and deformed beyond comprehension, it stops at a door and then slowly proceeds inside. Before you have time to regain your composure, another howl echoes throughout the halls, loader now, something is getting closer. Suddenly your alarm goes off, it’s 8 pm, this doesn’t make any sense. You rush back into your room and barracked the door. It wasn’t long until the whispers fill your ears, words of a language long forgotten to time. The shadows seem to come to life around you, dancing in the dark as they approach you. It’s clear now that god has left this world and has forsaken everything in it. You close your eyes and hope that this new god will be more merciful than the last.

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