Dread Templar

Dread Templar is an FPS shooting game that uses a retro and refreshing first-person shooting gameplay. It has a classic DOOM feel, and the overall rhythm is very fast. The screen is deliberately turned into a retro style, allowing players to explore the hell with unique flavors. As a knight, you have to eliminate all kinds of demons that appear here, use various weapons to start your own slaughter, and your abilities can also be continuously upgraded.

Dread Templar Game Background

You are a Dread Templar, seeking revenge in the depths of the evil realm. Explore levels and solve puzzles to find hidden weapons and upgrades. Use ninja equipment, firearms and hell weapons to face hordes of demons and bloodthirsty demons, which will make you the scariest thing in hell. Get “fear powers” and customize your skills according to your play style, because they will help you fight the forces of darkness.

Dread Templar Game Features

· Use elements of modern and retro FPS and classic shooting games, such as fast-paced gameplay, sprints, headshots and bullet time, allowing you to enjoy old-fashioned shooting games in a modern way!

· Customize your weapon skills to suit your own play style and fight against the army of demons.

· The game contains more than ten kinds of weapons such as katana, firearms and hell guns!

· Explore surrounding areas and secret locations, solve interesting puzzles and get rewards.

· Hand-made retro art style-all elements in the game, including weapons, demons and levels, are completed in retro pixel art style, reminiscent of shooting games in the 90s.

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