Anew: The Distant Light

Anew: The Distant Light is a sci-fi style exploration game made by Resonator. Adventure in the mysterious alien world, collecting, solving puzzles and fighting, there are even greater challenges waiting for you. The story revolves around the protagonist’s appearance. The mothership is badly damaged and needs to be repaired. Therefore, the player must control the protagonist to explore the alien world, fight against the appearance creatures with the help of various vehicles and equipment, survive in a difficult environment, and complete the mission The content on the log.

Game introduction

Anew: The Distant Light is a single-player adventure across a huge open world. Explore, fight and solve puzzles in exotic and surreal environments. Look for equipment, upgrades, and vehicles to expand your options for combat and travel. Discover exotic creatures and intelligent life, unlock the power of supplies, and repair your mothership. While looking for the missing co-pilot, he also looked for himself and completed the task.

“In any location, the navigation of the Hope took me here, to the moon 20 light-years from the earth. She was damaged almost beyond repair, and the co-pilot was also missing. I could hardly recognize myself. Running on the planet of death, punished by the scorching sun, there is only one goal in the mission log: PLANT THE SEEDS”.

This is a game for people who like exploration, puzzle solving, skill-based battles, and coherent visual stories.

Game Features

• Explore a huge, hand-crafted game world full of different environments, strange life forms, puzzles and surprises.

• Build your own path in a non-linear game that lasts for dozens of hours.

• Discover unique, game-changing weapons and equipment.

• Cross the alien moon by climbing, swimming, jetpacking, sliding, swinging, jumping over planets with its own gravity, etc.

• Fight against a large number of enemy creatures, machines and BOSS.

• Destroy enemies by driving powerful vehicles such as giant robots, dune vehicles, rockets and flying saucers.

• Unlock the Hope House spaceship, upgrade clothes and weapons, quickly travel to remote areas in the game world, and more.

• Collect exotic microchips and optimize the suit program according to your game style or overcome specific challenges.

• Survive under the scorching alien sun, which creates a constantly changing cycle of dangers, enemies and rewards.

• It is a difficult but fair challenge to show your strength through a high skill cap.

• Maintain full control of an extremely agile hero, designed for compact analog dual stick and mouse+keyboard games from day one.

• Unravel several mysterious narrative clues-each clue is conveyed through sight, sound and music.

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