Quantum Runners

Quantum Runners is a racing game developed and released by RigidBody. The most important thing for players in this game is speed. Although the background is placed in space and the spacecraft is driving, the thing to pay attention to is to maintain Your own ranking, avoid the enemy’s shooting, of course you can also make a counterattack.

Quantum Runners Gameplay

You can race on 11 ships with custom artificial intelligence modules. AI spacecraft can and will shoot at you and hit you, otherwise it will cause great damage!

Each battleship is equipped with 1, 2 or 4 plasma cannons, you will need them…

The head-up display (HUD) can be switched completely or separately during the game.

The head-up display includes radar, attitude indicator, speed, fuel, ammunition, shield status and more!

The quarter lap of the lap split time sorted position update can be displayed continuously during the game, if necessary, as part of the HUD.

Custom games and menus to track music works. The quantum runner soundtrack is provided separately.

Players can leave the track, fly around, explore… This is absolutely safe…

Five difficulty levels control everything, from damage caused by asteroid impact, maximum speed, fuel, shields, ammunition, and more!

Quantum Runners Game Features

Large-scale user interface system with 3D ship selection preview function.

Full audio control menu with 8 different mixers-everything is adjustable.

8 different engine audio loops coupled with variable pitch speed can be previewed in the audio menu.

Customized menu for racing environment.

Extensive flight characteristics setting menu. Set and spaceship the way you want!

Quantum spacecraft will remember your settings changes in the game and in new sessions, and all will be reset to the default factory settings.

Extensive in-game and online help menus.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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