POPULATION:ONE is a battle royale style first-person action shooting game. In the fierce duel battlefield, start the most exciting gun battle with your opponents. With a very diverse map, players can choose at will, carefully explore and find more weapon resources. Combining VR and gunfight shooting, players can better try the fun of FPS games. Ultra-high-definition realistic picture sense, and customize your character shape.

CLIMB, FLY, BUILD. Battle Royale only possible in VR.

Drop into a colorful, near future world with limitless combat possibilities. Welcome to POPULATION: ONE, where you and your squad must fight together to survive until the end.

POPULATION: ONE delivers unparalleled vertical freedom and mobility with its unique Vertical combat System.

POPULATION: ONE Game Features:

Fly through the map to rain down bullets from above.

Climb anything you see to gain the high ground advantage.

Build strategic cover to protect your squad.

Use your environment to FIGHT ANYWHERE.

In POPULATION: ONE, the action never stops with ongoing live in-game events and fresh content to explore.

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