Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed is an open-world MMO game produced by Round8 Studio and published by NEOWIZ. In the game, cooperate with your friends to explore the world. There are a lot of wild scenes, randomly generated monsters and wild BOSS, during the adventure Danger may be encountered at any time. There are also a lot of team instances with exciting melee combat in the game. Choose a profession and team up with other players to take an adventure.

Bless Unleashed Game Introduction

Explore the colorful world with your friends, or start your own adventure. From the equipped weapons to the learned skills, the growth and movements of the character are all under your control.

In the Blessed World, every choice will affect your destiny trajectory, presenting a legend that belongs only to you.

Bless Unleashed Game Features

Open world fantasy adventure, huge tasks brought by original plot

The vast and beautiful field scenes are waiting for you to explore.

From the forested, beautiful and harmonious Ribbs Union area to the dangerous adventure areas and jungles, the wild scenes are endless!

The story is rich and colorful, and the deeper the story, the more involved.

The continent swept by the disasters caused by humans gradually began to recover, but the demon of another dimension once again looked at the world.

Survive from the enemy’s long-planned massacre, and get the protection of God to stop the enemy’s killing.

Action MMORPG against powerful monsters

The powerful boss monsters in the wild scene need to team up with friends to rush through the many tests in the team dungeon.

You can get precious treasures and honorary titles by successfully killing monsters.

Growth in God’s Blessing and a Colorful Career

Choose your character from the five distinctive professions and four races in the world of gods, and strengthen yourself by collecting the power of gods.

Master the unique combos of each class and fight against powerful BOSS.

Countless props and collection elements

Strengthen the equipment collected in the adventure, you can play a more powerful force. There is also a chance to collect unique and rare appearances.

You can show your uniqueness in the game.

Compose your own story, and MMORPG

You can complete missions with friends, form bonds with adventurer companions, and make more new friends. Through these activities, powerful guilds can be established.

Explore a thrilling team copy, or challenge the PVP battlefield with dozens of players.

No matter how you meet, you can form alliances with like-minded players.

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