Black Book

Black Book is a dark-style role-playing game made by Morteshka. The story is based on Russian folklore and revolves around young mages against the forces of darkness. The game uses card-type gameplay. As the player’s story progresses, more cards will be obtained and spells will be used to defeat the enemy. Players will learn about Russia in the Tsarist era through main and side missions.

Black Book game introduction

Black Book is a card-type role-playing adventure game that tells the story of a young mage fighting the dark forces to the end. Delve into the cold and tempting world of Russian folklore and uncover the secrets hidden in the dark.

The young Vasilisa was destined to become a witch, but she decided to ignore her fate and marry her sweetheart. But with the bizarre death of her fiance, her dream was shattered.

Vasilisa, who had lost her lover, was heartbroken, so she embarked on a journey to find the Black Book. Legend has it that this demon artifact is extremely powerful, as long as it unlocks its 7 seals, it can satisfy all wishes.

Embark on an adventurous journey with Vasilisa, travel through the Russian countryside, and help the people solve their problems by fighting demons and performing exorcism rituals.

Black Book game features

• Myths and legends: Explore the world of myths in northern Russia. The encyclopedia in the game is made with the help of anthropological experts. Read the encyclopedia to learn about myths and legends, and find all the folk legends hidden in the game!

• Find the seal of the black book: cast hell spells against enemies! As the game progresses, collect spell cards and new skills.

• Lead a group of demons: send demons to do things for you, but be careful, demons with nothing to do will torture you, so find something for them!

• A historic adventure: solve puzzles and complete side quests while gaining insights into the customs and customs of the Russian countryside during the Tsarist era

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