ZEROED – Soar across vast landscapes and battle opponents with a unique take on flight combat racing. Get ready to break the sound barrier in this deceptively simple game that will always be a challenge, so buckle up and get ZEROED!

ZEROED Game Description

This game plays WAY better with a controller.

You can play on keyboard, but it’s going to be hard to keep up with controller users!

High-speed racing that keeps you off the walls

…Because there are no walls! We built this in a way that would remove obstacles you might slam into and bring you to a stop. You’re either going to be going fast or really fast.

Out-maneuvering your opponents is only half of the battle in this racer. Currently with 4 distinct weapons and plans for many more, you’ll have plenty of options to ruin your opponent’s day. Bright and colorful explosions will litter the track as players aim to reduce each other’s energy, which reduces their top speed.

Given we did things so differently, there’s going to be a lot for you to learn, but don’t be discouraged! We include both text and video tutorials to try to get you up to speed as quickly as possible!

ZEROED Game Fetures

The more you rotate your ship, the slower you go. Move efficiently!

Keep your energy bar high because the lower it is, the slower you go!

Don’t boost all your energy away! Use it in small amounts frequently to recover speed!

Bring the heat to a frozen arctic sea and melt the competition. There are no Lion Seals on this ice sheet, but don’t worry, your opponents should be enough to look out for!

Get your hipster fighter on in luscious mountains and deciduous woodlands. We’re not here to tear down forests… We’re here to tear through them!

If you like piña coladas, you’ll love love getting caught in your opponents’ draft trails over these beaches. Turns out any paradise is a little less relaxing with enough explosives!

Don’t forget to bring your canteen to these desert cliffs. It might be safer to fill it with jet fuel for backup instead of water, though!

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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