ThrustWorks is a flight battle simulator produced by Wacky Wallaby and published by Dystopian Edge Publishing. In the game, players will carry a jetpack to fly. The game is divided into multiple levels. During the flight, you will encounter a variety of The traps, be careful to avoid these traps, and enemies will appear, you need to fight them.

ThrustWorks Game Introduction

ThrustWorks is the ultimate jetpack flying and combat game. With a dynamic jetpack with lasers and unlimited fuel, soar in 4 unique levels, collect coins, avoid the threat of attack, and fight back against the enemy’s turret. In PC and VR modes, explore a sci-fi city, jetpack around enemy spacecraft in the asteroid field, or enjoy a day on the beach in PC and VR modes. The VR mode includes a hand pusher, with forward and backward functions.

ThrustWorks Game Content



-Space (zero gravity!)


Those interested in this game can go to download.

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