VR shooting cute balloons

VR shooting cute balloons is a VR casual shooting game. Players can wear a helmet, immerse themselves in the virtual reality scene created by the game, and experience shooting interactive games.

When entering the game, the player can choose the language mode of the game, and then enter an open field with colorful balloons floating in the air. The player needs to operate the handle to shoot, and can walk around at will. Every time a balloon is broken, a girl will drop. Players need to be close to the girl to catch and score points. If you can’t catch it, points will be deducted. Players need to collect 40 points to end the game.

Game Instructions:

The trigger button on the left and right handles can fire bullets. After breaking the balloon, catching a girl can add 1 point, and if not catching a girl, it is -1 point;

The menu button can call out the menu, the left handle can be interacted, and the trigger button can confirm.

After the balloon breaks, it will turn into a woman wearing a short skirt and slowly fly down, and you will see the bottom of the skirt when you look up.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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