VR Mad Asylum

Mad Asylum Escape is a first-person Virtual Reality horror game. The main character will have to plunge into the cycle of terrible events, where human life is worthless. Experience a new sensation with VR technology as you plunge into a dangerous adventure.

Escape in 45 minutes. Complete Virtual Reality Game Play. Terrible events take place in an old mental asylum. The crazy doctor is doing crazy experiments. But where it leads?

The Mad Doctor’s Experiments

The crazy doctor conducts experiments, transforming people into mutants. However, an unusual choice has been prepared for the player-to become a victim of transformation into a monster or to try to escape from an asylum.

Not So Simple…

It would seem that the opportunity to escape is a great chance. But, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. To break free, the player will have to go through a serious mental test-to go through a psychiatric asylum teaming with monsters and full of dangers.

Fateful Decision

Take a real test of resilience and determination. Get out of this hell created by the crazy doctor. It is far from an easy task, but there is no turning back!

Game Features:

Atmospheric Levels.

Full immersive gameplay achieved with the VR technology.

The story of the mental tests.

Amazing soundtrack.

3d Sound System.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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