Pierhead Arcade 2

Pierhead Arcade 2 is a model made by Mechabit studio. Players will operate a game hall, need to make the shop run, players can play the games in the game hall at will; the game requires coin, win points according to the final score, exchange for merchandise toys gifts, etc.; the game screen is very good, It makes people feel comfortable, having it is like owning a private game hall.

Entering the game, you will come to an old arcade hall. Different from the arcade machines of other video games, the machines in this arcade hall are all special arcade machines that require action interaction, such as catching dolls, shooting baskets, and smashing moles. All machines and scenes are 1:1, including coin and knocking. , Throwing, these actions are all done with a motion controller.

Pierhead Arcade 2 Game Features

Physics-based simulation classic arcade game

The score of each arcade machine is automatically uploaded to the global leaderboard.

Instantly move to any arcade machine without dizziness.

All games must be physically and manually completed. If you want to throw the ball, you must throw it out like a real one.

Support online and LAN multiplayer games.

Lottery tickets obtained from playing games can be exchanged for toys in stores.

You can listen to music on the karaoke machine using Internet radio, and you can also play music that is already in the hard disk.

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