Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance

The witches have been destroyed in their lair on the Island of Char! Returning to your homeland, you are greeted with newborn hope, pride, and great celebration. After the revelry, you awaken to a dawn filled with an eerie silence that looms in the still air. Your countrymen are gone!

The great witch, Circa-Argoth has taken them to avenge the death of her sister. You have only yourself and your foolish meddling to blame. But, you are not meant to die… yet! Alone in the land that you have fought so fiercely to protect, you must gather your strength and use your anger to fight for Blood Vengeance.



You’re getting two builds: patched (Enhanced) and retail (Original) for those of you who prefer an unaltered experience as a bonus. Both builds are running on DOSBox with a custom configuration tool. The Enhanced build features fixes introduced in EGwhaven, a must-have community project, which addresses an array of bugs and issues with the game (we’d like to thank ETTiNGRiNDER for the contribution to this release). Additionally, the controls are re-mapped to what you’d expect to see as a default in a first-person game nowadays.

Key Fetures:

Jump, duck and fly in a first-person perspective.

Drink powerful potions for strength, invisibility, fire resistance, and more.

Use new powerful Medieval weapons: flaming arrows, electric sword, jeweled dagger, and more.

Destroy, freeze and stop your enemies in their tracks with your superhuman abilities.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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