SALIGIA is a psychological horror game produced by ENKA GAMES. It is set in a world where any mysterious world will occur. The character controlled by the player came here because of his own sins. He wanted to try to redeem his sins but he did not want to face death. The game will focus on exploration, and there will be huge noises, dangers, etc. in the process, which will increase the sense of fear, making players more and more nervous. Players who have the courage to face these will help the protagonist escape!

The game focuses on exploration and leaves you in the middle of tension. The story of the game can be very disturbing as it is supported by light and loud sounds. Take into account that it feels too much fear and it is a difficult game.

The game is a possible future full of mystical events where and why the character might be there. Our character is to leave the shortest path, gradually removing his signs from the test.

【Game Background】
Feeling deep remorse for his sin, Moses wants to get rid of his dreams. Are the beings he sees and the sounds he hears real as a result of the passage of time? Or he couldn’t tell if it was a dream. Moses, who does not know that he has committed the sin of “Anger”, one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Christianity, will pay for this sin with his mind. The purpose of the sect is to sacrifice people who have sinned. Moses will do anything to get out of here alive.

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