After the Fall®

From the creators of Arizona Sunshine® comes an epic VR action FPS with intense co-op gameplay at its core that pits up to 4 players against a post-apocalyptic VR world filled with ferocious undead, mutated and twisted by the relentless cold.

Venture out into the remains of an alternate 1980s LA, wield deadly weapons and devastating powers with real-life movements as you develop your combat style, and join forces with players worldwide as you go head to head with hordes and towering bosses in a bid to leave the city a better place than your predecessors.

In the 1980s in another timeline, you will enter Los Angeles that has fallen into ruins. Use lethal weapons and destructive forces through real somatosensory actions to gradually form your own fighting style. Unite with players from all over the world to fight against hordes of zombies and huge bosses, and work hard to restore the city to a better place than your ancestors saw.

Game Features
Exciting multiplayer cooperative VR action elements: Fight solo or join a team of 4 players to enter a VR world full of zombies in the style of the 1980s.

Explore Frozen Purgatory: Enter the unpredictable post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, and take the future of this city in your hands.

This corpse is not the other corpse: Fight against an endless army of zombies, as well as various special enemies and giant bosses.

Find your own unique fighting style: Use realistic motions to craft, upgrade and use a wide range of weapons and amazing destructive powers.

• Intense Co-op VR Action: Go solo or join forces in 4-player co-op through an infested, 1980s-inspired VR world.
• Hell Has Frozen Over: Venture out into the ruins of an evolving, post-apocalyptic LA to take the city’s future in your hands.
• Not Your Average Undead: Fight huge hordes, Specials and colossal bosses.
• Discover Your Combat Style: Craft, upgrade and wield a large arsenal of weapons and devastating powers with real-life movements.

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