Godkiller is an action comedy satire game .It is the middle of WW2 ,A soviet soldier finds himself alone in a pile of corpse and he realizes that his comrades have been slaughtered by an unstoppable force. The source of this unstoppable force? Billions have been killed by the One wicked God ,and Mother Russia is left in ruins .

It is up to you to stop it…Fight the forces of this corrupt deity, battle the armies of the many peculiar human forces that threaten him(including slaughtering Nazis), and save the world with style!

Key Fetures:
Play through a dystopian landscape in an engaging story.
Enjoy the dark comedy that plagues this ravaged world.
Use wacky powers to destroy your enemies.
Gasp at the remnants of human civilization as you slash through dozens of foes.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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