Arashi: Castles of Sin

Arashi: Castles of Sin is set in ancient Japan. The country of that era has been swallowed by darkness and conspiracy. Players will become a shadow warrior and look for Kenshiro, the last surviving heir of the Arashi family.

Common stealth elements in ninja-themed games. In addition, there are also various styles of battles such as the use of shurikens, hooks, and Japanese swords. In addition, you can also join the adventure with the wolf named Haruka.

Become one with the shadows and embark on quest for justice as the last surviving son of House Arashi.

Step into the shoes of deadly shinobi assassin Kenshiro in a story of betrayal and revenge designed and built for virtual reality.

Transport yourself to feudal Japan, where a dark and treacherous conspiracy has engulfed the country in chaos. Vicious bandits known as the Six Oni of Iga have seized control of castles across the country, carving a bloody path of terror in their wake.

With the guidance of your cousin, Ayane, and your faithful wolf companion, Haru, liberate the land and vanquish the merciless despots staking their claim.

Key Features

Stealthy ninja gameplay
Strike from the shadows to silently dispatch your foes, or scale rooftops and strike from above.

A deadly arsenal
Build an array of authentic feudal-era Japanese weapons and utilize the instincts of your faithful wolf companion, Haru, to secure your objectives.

A brooding historical narrative
Immerse yourself in a suspenseful drama rife with political intrigue, murder and revenge.

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