Blueplanet VR Explore

Blueplanet VR Explore is a rich collection of over 40 volumetric experiences of powerful scenic and cultural heritage locations worldwide, ranging from Borobudur Temple in Indonesia to Bears Ears National Monument in the southwestern US. With a high level of photogrammetry and art direction, BPVR offers full spatial presence and mobility within these remarkable locations, some even offering hang gliding flight experiences over spectacular terrains. Interactive features are used to deepen understanding and insight of these fascinating and unique locations.

Excellent photogrammetry
Most destinations were shot at the current state of the art, but the visual effects are also due to careful post-processing: where appropriate, 360-degree panoramas are used as highly detailed backgrounds, and water and birds Perform animation processing to make the scene look more vivid.

Some expansive landscapes seem to be incomplete, but fortunately there are very few such cases. Most places are detailed, which guarantees the authenticity of the experience.

Landscape explored in real time
In Blueplanet VR, you can move freely in large or small areas through remote teleportation. Sometimes you can overlook the scenery from certain angles in the sky.

Like many photogrammetric trips, you often want to go further. Blueplanet VR will try to satisfy your wishes. For example, in the ruins of Borobudur, you see more than just a corridor. Unfortunately, exploration in some places is limited.

Some attractions, such as the stalactite caves in Carlsbad, also include continuous photogrammetry. However, here, your sense of immersion may be disturbed by the loading process. Some places can be explored freely in the air with a glider, but unfortunately the level of detail of the landscape is usually low at this time.

Emphasize perceptual experience rather than intellectual feeling
Background music deserves special praise: each destination has a unique background music that highlights the atmosphere of the scene, which has made a great contribution to creating a scene and gives people a supernatural experience.

Wonderful scenery, natural sounds and mysterious sounds blend together. Those who like to meditate in virtual reality should be satisfied with Blueplanet VR.

Those looking forward to an educational journey may be disappointed. Blueplanet VR obviously hopes to give people an immersive experience through audiovisual stimulation, rather than to bring people instructional information, or in other words, intellectual feelings. At each stage, there is only a short introductory text to read. The background for the creation of natural or cultural sites is missing here.

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