Play Together

Play Together, a multiplayer competitive casual game, is quite fun to play. The main feature of the game is the black gameplay of players and their friends. After entering the game, players come to a paradise world with very well-equipped facilities. You can play various roles. All kinds of characters can make their favorite foods, and they can also go through levels together. The gameplay is very novel and super complete. I believe that Play Paradise every day can meet the needs of every player who enters the game!

Play Together Game Guide
1. At the beginning of the game, players should stand in the back row as much as possible, and don’t rush to the front at the beginning, otherwise they may step on a fake square at the beginning and then fall down.

2. Then follow the big group, so that others will step on the fake squares first, and the player will not step on the fake bricks.

3. One more thing, the player shouldn’t be too far down by the large forces, or choose to open a path by themselves, so that they will only step on the fake square and then fall.

4. Players should pay attention that the fake square will become empty after being stepped on by the contestant, as long as the real square is solid, it will not disappear.

5. When the player is moving forward, there may be no square next to it. At this time, you must prevent yourself from being squeezed down by other people, or you will fall short.

6. During the game, players should remember to check their position and the promotion quota in the upper right corner at any time to prevent themselves from being unable to advance due to some bugs. In fact, as long as you follow the big team, you can basically pass.

Play Together Gameplay
1. The portal is a unique facility in the amusement park. Players can step on the portal and get off the road for long-distance teleportation to other connected portals.

2. It is more convenient to occupy various amusement facilities, and at the same time avoid the risks brought by the high fees of the large-scale amusement facilities of the front opponents.

3. The unique night mode of the amusement park is open when the remaining 10 rounds of the game. At this time, the toll and construction costs are doubled, making the game more strategic. Go and sit on the portal to pass happiness, and find your dream in the night paradise!

4. In the new amusement park map, in order to make the “amusement park” more vivid, new elements have been added. Players can start the “float parade” in the game. Similarly, in the setting of luck cards, a float parade luck card has also been added.

5. Parade of floats refers to the parade of floats at random positions after the game starts five rounds. Each time the player throws a dice, the float will move forward by one square. When a player arrives at the float position, all other players on the similar route will be drawn closer.

Play Together Game Description
Strength, luck, all add up, and you will be the winner in the end!

Various mini games are waiting for you to challenge!

-Unlimited Mercedes-Benz instinct~! Cities, deserts, city walls, universe, release your Mercedes-Benz instincts on various tracks!

-Avoid the spinning giant wooden beads and survive to the end!

-It’s OK if it’s not me! Avoid the bombs!

-To become a king, you must bear the burden! In the battle for the crown, the person who snatches the crown in the end is the winner!

-15 kinds of mini games to enjoy with friends all over the world! Let’s play one now!

Show off your personality! Show your artistic style in the playground every day!

So many rich costumes and props to dress up unique characters!

Ducklings, clowns, cosmic people, little bees, etc., imagine anything can be achieved!

Finally have their own house! Everyone can get their own house! Black and white furniture? Luxury furniture? Everything is available to show your style!

Play Together Game Content
Do you have a lot of things to eat, drink, go shopping, exercise, and do? Then hurry up and come to the “”Play Paradise Everyday”” Plaza!

The plaza is so big that you can’t finish shopping in one day~!-Haha I bought a car, go for a drive!

High-end cars, retro-style sports cars, even bumper cars? Come and buy a car to go shopping?

Chat with friends in the square! Or at the campsite and friends grilling BBQ while watching the campfire, or everyone goes swimming together, etc., there are dancing competitions on the outdoor stage, see who picks the best!

I am the king of fishing! I will go where I can fish! Beaches, lakes, small ponds, watching the night view at the beach Ferris wheel, and then going to the cafe on the beach and watching the blue sea for a cup of coffee, isn’t it romantic? Wait!

When you complete various tasks in the square, you can get various rewards! Catch fireflies, deliver pizza, find puppies, and other tasks waiting for you to challenge!

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