Gorilla Tag

The gameplay of Gorilla Tag is simple and unique. Players will play the role of a gorilla walking with arms and play a game of catching people with other players, similar to the catching game played by children when they were young. According to experiencers, many people can not only focus on catching people in this game, but many prefer to hang out or chat in the game.

Players only need to control the orangutan’s arms. Smith simply deleted the orangutan’s legs and even simplified the orangutan’s fingers. The purpose is to make the gameplay simpler and the experience more realistic. Even the UI menu is integrated into the VR environment, without destroying the immersion.

In addition, Gorilla Tag contains multiple levels, which you need to enter by moving, such as drilling into tunnels to open multiplayer games and so on. Next, Smith will continue to optimize the game, including adding public rooms, increasing the difficulty of the game, new game modes and maps, optimizing transmission speed, reducing latency, and so on.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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