Onirike is a 3D open world non-linear narrative adventure puzzle game. The game uses the classic 3D platform painting style as the game background, and uses the unique third-person adventure sandbox as the main gameplay method. In the game, you need to explore an intricate open world and discover its fascinating non-linear story. Many endings are up to you!

Game Background
Dreams come from hope. We have dreams since we were young until we realize them. But… have you ever wondered what will happen to dreams that can never be realized? During the game, the user will play the role of Prieto. He is a strange person who doesn’t know what he is like. His only ability is to be invisible. Discovering, carefully using and planting gypsophila is the key to revealing Prieto’s life and the secrets of the planet he lives on.

Game Features
Explore the intricate open world of Onirike

Discover a fascinating non-linear history

Surprisingly unique audiovisual style

Give Prieto new skills

Strategically plant gypsophila

Use invisibility to avoid Soul Eater

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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