Host 714

Host 714 tells a horrible story. You are a drug addict. You hate this kind of life. This day you received a notice saying that you are going to take you to a small island for a withdrawal experiment. If you can return to a normal life, you will go there happily, knowing that what is waiting for you is not what you expect, but a real nightmare.

Game Background
In Host 714, you will play the role of Squid, a drug addict, who is invited by the government organization Orange Institute to join a drug addiction rehabilitation center for experimental treatment and reintegration into society.

After arriving at the research institute on the remote island, Squid realized that the proposal was not what they claimed. Now you are a test subject, and your fate is full of uncertainty. Help our protagonist escape the institute in this challenging stealth game!

Game Content
Welcome to Orange Academy

From abandoned dungeons to modern laboratories. From insulting guards to soulless patients. The sound and visual effects of the game will make you feel constant tension, abandonment, and rapid heartbeat in the corridors of the institute.

Real intention

The organization is a scam. When you hide between the rooms and corridors of the building, discover the true intentions of the institute. Seek information and try to find allies. Some prisoners are still hopeful.

Virus at work

Your body behaves strangely, and pain is inevitable. But don’t let it stop you from moving forward. You have no room for mistakes, insist on your pain, don’t pass out, because turning a corridor, one of them may be waiting for you.

Coping with adversity

The institute has a strong security system, you have to face it to move on! Explore these areas, find keys, access cards, and solve mysteries to find a way out of this hellish place full of locked doors and inaccessible places.

Keep your humanity, or choose to fall

You will dive headlong into what is happening in this place. There may be cruelty behind every open door.

All these events will be kept in your memory. During this journey, you will see people like you being conquered and used as crops. Compared to what you will witness, the hunger and cold you felt before seems to be a good thing.

Fight for your life, run away and see if you are still alone.

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