Breath of Spirits

With the power of the Spirit, defeat the enemies and purify the land of elves. Gain different elemental abilities and various Elf`s costumes in single play mode, or cooperate with other players and survive the horde in multiplayer mode.

Breath of Spirits Game Introduction

Thrown into vastly contaminated land of elves, you find yourself tasked in purifying the world with a lone elf survivor as your companion. Equip with a bow and arrow in your hand, defeat the ever-advancing enemies and defend your companion while she prays to purify the world. Get stronger with each victory and acquire different elemental abilities for your bow!

Breath of Spirits Game Features:


Utilize the elemental abilities in your bow and eliminate various enemies that rush toward your elf companion.

Acquired attribute is switchable. ※Elemental attributes can be acquired through scores rewards.

Multiplayer mode

Cooperatively defeat the enemies and keep your Elf companion from harm.

Your own avatar is also changeable.

Free Mode

Roam freely in the menu stage and enjoy the whimsical Land of Elves.

Purifying the world will restore nature and living things to its original state.

Character customization

Race and costume are changeable to suit your personal liking.

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