Antiprism brings classic shoot’em up mechanics to VR and combines them with innovative single-player twin-ship gameplay. Control two ships at once as the pilots Jexen and Malik shoot hordes of enemies, dodge enemy fire, find and upgrade items, and beat hard bosses on their journey through The Gone.

Antiprism Game Background

Follow the two misfit pilots Jexen and Malik as they stumble upon an ancient artifact that binds them together and takes them on a perilous adventure through the most dangerous place in the galaxy: The Gone.

Fight your way through bands of space pirates, armies of the Selysian Dominion, swarms of insect-like Kheelee, and even face Vel Selysian-the mysterious prophet-like leader of the Dominion.

Collect items and credits from your encounters and use them to customize and upgrade parts of your ships-you will need all the firepower you can get in order to reach the end of our pilots’ journey.

Test your aim and dodging abilities against elite enemies, unique bosses and environmental hazards, as you uncover the secrets of the Antiprism and its connection to the extinct civilization of Arn.

Leave the flat screen behind because Antiprism has been designed from the ground up as a VR-only experience.

We’re working to make the game comfortable to play in any room setup, whether seated, standing or room-scale.

Antiprism’s unique gameplay only works in a VR setting with two controllers and can’t be played with a gamepad or mouse and keyboard.

Antiprism Game Features

-Twin-ship single-player VR gameplay

-Customizable & upgradeable ship systems including lots of different weapons

-Several enemy factions, each with its own unique units

-Challenging and epic boss fights

-Environmental hazards triggered by space anomalies

-Campaign mode featuring main and side missions across multiple chapters

-Endless Survivor mode with infinite procedurally generated stages

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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