Dark Deity

Dark Deity is a turn-based team tactical strategy game produced and published by Sword & Axe LLC. In the game, players will choose adventurers from dozens of characters to form your team, and direct them to adventure on this continent and defeat Strengthen the enemy and find hidden treasures, enhance your abilities, and deepen the bond between various adventurers.

Game Background
Command the legendary heroes to reshape this land torn apart by vows that are not kept, reckless wars, and secret struggles over mysterious powers. The ancient relics and powerful weapons you discover will give you the power to command 30 available characters, who are closely connected to fight for their respective legends.

Game Features

In-depth strategy
All 28 chapters have unique turn-based combat scenarios and objectives, which will test your strategic skills and allow your units to gain hard-won experience.

Career choice
There are 54 character professions for you to choose from in the game, and each profession has its own unique skills and abilities, so no two gameplays seem to be the same. Face all kinds of enemies and lead your unit to its final form.

Role-driven story
Following 30 available characters with different backgrounds, personalities, and behavioral motivations, they influence Terezel all the time.

Role bond
Nothing can forge friendship more than fierce battle. Observe the development and changes of character relationships in more than 400 unique dialogues. These dialogues show a glimpse of life outside of combat and will have a real impact on the game process.

Hundreds of weapons and magic
For the battles your team will face in the future, equipped with various weapons and magic, you can upgrade them during the game.

Eternal direction
Discover piles of ancient relics scattered in Tyrezel, each of which will provide a revolutionary benefit to the character.

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