Twilight Drive

Twilight Drive is a driving game developed and released by Eponymouse. It will adopt a top-down driving mode. Players can see the specific direction of the car driving on the road, so as to effectively make adjustments to accelerate, drift and grab on the track. Turn corners to keep yourself in the first place.

【Game Introduction】
You can accelerate, drift, and use a grappling hook like a mechanic to turn, while setting faster and faster track times to win medals and beat your friends.

[Game Features]
40 different tracks are available for driving, with different settings: grass, desert, sea, underground; day, night, dusk!

Unique way to get corners by attaching to corners

Interesting driving physics model, including drift

Custom-written game engine with fully dynamic shadows

Race against bronze, silver and gold medals to earn medals-and beat your friends

Support auxiliary functions: full voice menu, slower game speed, magnification, high contrast mode, adjustable field of view.

Separate electronic music soundtrack for each track

Dynamic music adjusted according to your game progress

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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