Agent Intercept

Agent Intercept is a racing driving game with rich plot. In the Agent Intercept game, we provide you with more than ten kinds of vehicles. You can drive them to compete with various gangs. Interested players come and try Bar.

Take control of the Sceptre – a slick, souped-up, transforming vehicle outfitted with the latest spy gadgets – to drive, drift, and defy death across land, air, and sea. Feel like a superspy, saving the day again and again from threats inspired by the best action and spy fiction, then cranked up to 11.

The nefarious criminal organization CLAW is back with a mysterious new leader, fielding an army of vehicles and experimental technology. But the stalwart Agency has a secret weapon – you! As the driver behind the new Sceptre, you will infiltrate hidden lairs, battle larger- than-life bosses, and find the secrets behind a fiendish plot before it threatens the entire globe. Use gadgets, transformations, and the help of your heroic Agency allies to save the day – in style.

Key Fetures:

Campaign – Leap into the driver’s seat of an epic narrative of intrigue, betrayal, and unbelievable set-pieces through 3 chapters taking you across the globe.

Score Attack – Refine your skills to top the leaderboards in Highscore Chase, Time Trial, and Target Practice.

Side Missions – Save the world from CLAW’s plots across different environments in these self-contained story missions.

High-octane action complete with daring stunts and high-tech gadgets against deadly vehicles and maniacal bosses.

Gorgeous, vibrant art and graphics.

Fully voiced story featuring a diverse cast of characters.

Exciting missions across all terrain – transform your car into off-road, boat, and snowmobile modes and take the action across land, sea, snow, and more!

Energetic original songs inspired by beloved soundtracks of the spy genre.

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