Mighty Goose

Mighty Goose is a cartoon-style flying horizontal shooting game. Control a strong goose and use different weapons and vehicles to fight against mechanical forces. You can experience a refreshing and exciting horizontal shooting experience. The Mighty Goose game is based on horizontal action gameplay, which tests players’ ability to move and avoid positions.

Traveling the galaxy, hunting down evil. This is the life of Mighty Goose. One of the galaxy’s most credited bounty hunters!

At the core Mighty Goose is a tight side scrolling run & gun shooter that will test your skill, timing, reflexes. Building upon that solid arcade base, the game adds a ton of crazy weapons, warmachines, upgrades and secrets.

Assume the role of Mighty Goose and bring the fight to the Void King. This galaxy conquering monarch commands a vast army of minions and mechanised monsters. Dealing with these baddies means traveling to distant worlds and facing all kinds of dangers. But not to worry, this is no problem for the legendary Mighty Goose!

Key Fetures:

Horizontal version of the pixel-style adventure, with fast-paced shooting as the core, experience endless battles!

Exercise the player’s skills, grasp the timing and quick dodge, and challenge the dangerous BOSS.

Strengthen your weapons through battles and choose the right support role to customize the strongest goose in your hand.

Use powerful weapons to repel the enemy!

Exquisite pixel style, various scene maps, vehicles, characters, etc.

Beautifully crafted vibrant pixel art worlds, vehicles and characters.

An amazing soundtrack featuring crunchy synth-rock and funky jazz-fusion melodies. Composed by Dominic Ninmark (Moonrider, Blazing Chrome, Gravity Circuit).

In order to celebrate the official release of the Mighty Goose game, the developer held a “doujin creation contest” and a “quick clearance contest”! The winning contestant will receive a Nintendo Switch console!

“Quick clearance competition” means literally, competing with players from all over the world with the goal of clearing in the fastest time. Steam has a special version of “Quick Pass Race”. Let’s work hard to become the fastest powerhouse in the galaxy!

Details of “Quick Clearance Competition”: Click to enter

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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