The Spirit

The Spirit is an action-adventure game developed and released by Dark Faction Games. In the game, players need to kill evil creatures and demons in a dungeon. Of course, the player is not defenseless and takes up a weapon to play in a dim environment. Kill the enemy and finally leave this place.

Our protagonist wakes up in a strange world, looking for answers. He learned that he was dead and returned to this realm as a soul. The only way he can find back to the living is to find the Guardian of the Rift. He soon learned that the world was being invaded by creatures and demons entering through the rift. The people of the kingdom need him, but his family also needs him.

One thing that I tried to focus on was to have NPC characters explain or tell little bits of the story. So, even though it is not necessary always for completing a level, the players might find it useful and hopefully interesting to chat to the NPC characters!

Some NPC characters will be able to join you and help you fight your way through hoards of enemies. It will be your task to help heal them. The game features branching dialogue, so if an NPC offers to help you, it is possible to decline his offer.

Key Fetures:

Discover the secrets of the new Realm you have woken up in.

Battle your way through branching level design. Play side-quests to earn extra loot and XP.

Discover secret portals and areas that take you to new locations.

Collect items in the game world and use them to craft weapons, potions or items at a Crafting Altar.

Learn to master many different spells. Some more powerful than others.

Colorful, beautiful and vibrant worlds to explore.

Find different types of weapons like swords, spears and maces with varying damage. Use them to crush these beasts!

Ragdoll physics makes for some fun killing of enemies.

Get NPC characters to join you on your quest and help you fight.

Gain experience and level up from quests and killing enemies to gain more powers and become stronger.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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