Wizards and Warlords

Wizards and Warlords is an independent turn-based strategy game produced and released by Valravn Games. In the game, a random fantasy world will be generated. You will establish your own power in this world and compete with other magicians, warlords, etc. Confrontation, the randomly generated world brings more randomness and playability.

Manage your cities and fortresses, increase your power through research and industry, design arcane constructs, recruit armies and heroes, explore and exploit dungeons and ruins, and experience random events and event chains. You can mod several aspects of the game and create your own world maps.

Blending 4X with grand strategy and simulation, the game offers a plethora of settings and randomly generated cultures and races. It is up to you if you want to fight great wars, crushing powerful rivals in the pursuit of world conquest-the challenge of survival in a grim and dangerous world, perhaps even beset by planar invaders and ancient evils-or a balanced game, where you control but one of many realms in the world, immersing yourself in an emergent story driven by random events and the interactions of randomly generated cultures and factions.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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