Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes is a role-playing game produced and released by French studio Magic Design Studios. The game is set in a pleasing and lively environment. It is an interesting version of the story of Journey to the West. It combines jumping, climbing, and unexpected challenges. And fierce battles in the face of a large number of enemies and unforgettable bosses. In this adventure, the group of four has no choice but to unite and finally understand the elements of becoming a hero.

Game Background

The scripture maintains the harmony of our world, but it has been torn apart and scattered with the wind. Now, terrible monsters are spreading disharmony and chaos everywhere. “Unruly Heroes” is inspired by the classic Chinese classic “Journey to the West”. It tells the adventures of four rebellious and unbelievable heroes. They must collect all the scroll fragments, travel to the fantasy world, restore the balance of the world…sacrifice themselves It’s no hesitate!

Game Features

Experience the legend of Monkey King, single-player or co-operate with up to four players in a local game.

Through learning to master the comprehensive power of four different heroes, use the best hero in each new encounter and challenge.

Fight against various challenging enemies and terrifying bosses and test your reflexes.

Possess your enemies to use their power and abilities.

Cross the colorful fantasy universe, explore different worlds, solve puzzles and overcome unexpected obstacles.

Immerse yourself in the exquisite art, animation and sound effects.

Play against friends in local or online PVP.

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