Street Masters

Street Masters is a fun board and card strategy game. The game has a very rich card heroes. Each hero has a variety of different abilities. Players need to combine a strong lineup based on the hero’s skills. Ingeniously adjust the cards according to the opposing lineup.

Street Masters Game Description:

Street Masters is a digital implementation of a board game, designed to be played alone or passed and played with 1-4 fighters.

Street Masters is a 1-4 player cooperative miniature board game inspired by classic fighting video games. With more than 65 highly detailed miniatures, unique decks of fighters and enemies, custom dice, and lightning-like gameplay, Street Masters allows players to fight against evil organizations with powerful fighters in various exciting scenarios. Designed by Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler, the game provides modular and elegant gameplay, set in a unique and exciting world of brutal combat.

Street Masters Game Background:

Warriors from all over the world are known for their legendary fighting abilities and skills, and they were invited by mysteriously to participate in martial arts competitions. During the game, the organization surrounding it revealed their true identity-the kingdom-and recruited fighters to join the militia or enslave those who opposed them. Several of these fighters were discovered in time, but many never heard of them again.
Five years later, a government project called “Street Masters” was launched to counter the war against the kingdom, which has now been divided and seized control of several factions in the world. Those who participate in the “Street Master” project must work together to destroy each faction and destroy part of the kingdom before the final game can be launched.

Street Masters Game Features:

Tutorial: Learn how to play the game.

Story mode: Play the hero story of each fighter, customize their deck, and then combine 1-4 of these heroes into a team story.

Arcade mode: Choose your fighters, allies, opponents, enemies and stage to play.

Quick start: Random matches are played, and new deck combinations are always selected to maintain the challenge.

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