Project RIP Mobile – Free Horror Survival Shooter

Project RIP Mobile is an adventurous FPS mobile game. The background of the game world is magnificent and the screen is dark and depressing. Players need to quickly pick up weapons to face the terrifying zombies and various unknown creatures in the dark underground world, and find ways to make themselves Live and save more survivors!

Life as we know doesn’t exist, hordes of undead and demons have emerged and now rule the earth. The human race was forced to live in underground shelters in order to survive. To take what used to be theirs, humanity gathered forces and established small specialised teams to eliminate the threat. This action was called Project Rest in Pieces, aka RIP.

Killing the undying would not be enough, instead humanity developed an extremely advanced AI technology to manipulate specialized forces, now called “Agents”, in order to command from headquarters.

Using this advanced technology, AI called by project’s name “R.I.P.”, managed to capture the leftover souls of the undead to perform improvements on Agents gear, weaponry, but also on their strength and abilities.

Now it’s up to you, to save what remains…

Game Features

Realistic FPS Movement and Weapon Mechanics.

Blood & Gore Dismemberments.

Multiplatform Global Scoreboards to compete with other Players.

20 Weapons to choose from and upgrade their stats and skins.

Melee combat from knife to Katana.

6 Specialized Perks to use in combat.

8 Agents to choose, with leveling system.

34 Avatars for prestige.

70 Achievements with rewards.

PickUp items to boost your efficiency.

3 Mission type Levels + 3 Arenas for unlimited Horde play.

5 Difficulty levels.

AAA Quality Graphics.

Outstanding Sound effects and Music.

Those interested in this game can go to download.

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